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Camp Dragonfly Forest

Our National Philanthropy

Congratulations to one of our very own, Hiba Hajissa, who will be interning at Camp Dragonfly Forest Summer 2018! 

This camp is specifically designed for children with Autism and Medical Needs, and allows them to safely enjoy the activities of a “traditional” camp. Between early morning swims and evening campfires, children whose lives are disrupted by their illness or disorder are transformed into just “kids.” They have a chance to be with others coping with the same illness or condition and realize that they are not alone. Hugs are part of the daily dietary requirements at Dragonfly Forest. The campers develop special relationships with each other and with their counselors.

As a national philanthropy for this organization much of our fundraising profits goes towards the funding of Dragonfly Forest. Our members participate in fundraising for this non-profit organization both here at the alpha chapter and nationally, in an effort to give the children the best childhood possible. Members also participate individually as camp counselors at camp dragonfly forest to get a more hands-on and impact experience.

    “Our Dragonfly Forest Summer Camp program, provides children with Autism and Medical Needs the opportunity to enjoy an overnight camp experience.”

Delta Epsilon Mu is dedicated to helping and improving the lives of the children that participate in this camp program.

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