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alpha Iota


Aleea Cauley

Major: Biomedical Science

Career Goal: Physician Assistant

Planned Graduation: Fall 2023


Brianna H. Dinh

Major: Biology, Pre-Clinical

Minor: Theater

Career Goal: Surgery/Emergency Medicine

Planned Graduation: Spring 2024

Officer Positions: Volunteer Chair Fall 2022- Spring 2023, Secretary Fall 2023- Spring 2024


Megan Slattery

Major: Kinesiology

Career Goal: Sports Medicine/Orthopedics

Planned Graduation: Spring 2024

Officer Positions: Director of Prospects Fall 2022-Spring 2023


Alec Sosa
Major: Health Sciences, Pre-Clinical
Career Goal: Physical Therapy School 
Planned Graduation: Fall 2023

Officer Positions: Historian Fall 2022-Spring 2023

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